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What Is Compy Lube?
Compy Lube SBL-100 system combines proven lubrication technology to finally solve boat
trailer wheel bearing failures due to water intrusion.
    We know what your thinking; there's at least a dozen companies out there with well made, nice
    looking products, making the same claim. Some have served the boat trailer industry for a long time.
What's Different About Compy Lube?
There's no slick packaging or fancy chrome hubs. In fact, most of the parts are standard
industrial fittings. Our system was developed by commercial fishermen with over 30+ years of
launching and retrieving  in saltwater, usually on a daily basis. We know what the issues are!
It attacks the root cause of water intrusion. Produces a slight positive pressure without the danger of
over-pressurizing, by venting through a compensating diver's bell.
Compy system uses lube oil flooded wheel hubs. Yes, we know others have tried this and
several are on the market. The difference is ours compensates for pressure changes both positive &
negative. This is the only way to keep water out of your bearings. Hubs heat up when traveling
causing pressure build-up, pushing grease or oil through the wheel seal "the only avenue for
pressure to escape". Those greasing-caps with spring assemblies allow for expansion but do not
vent the pressure. Grease still escapes. Next: When hubs submerge during launching quick cooling
occurs causing a negative pressure in the hub. The combination of water pressure on the outside
and negative pressure inside the hub will force water through the seal. It only takes a few drops to
destroy a bearing.
Only our system uses a remote vented reservoir with a water pressure compensating bell to
keep internal / external pressures equal or slightly positive at all times!
Trailer Hub
Boat Trailer Hub
SBL-100  Axle Lubrication System
C & O Engineering Seal Bypass Lubricator is now available in kit form. If you're a professional mechanic or
prefer performing your own maintenance & repairs, we have the kit for you.

Benefits of the  SBL-100  System:
Trailer Accessories
Boat Trailer Bearings
Compensator and Oil
reservoir installed on
tandem axle boat trailer.
Compensator traps air &
maintains hub/oil pressure
when submerged.
Mother of alll Maritime Links
Seal by-pass and
tubing installed on
spindle / hub assembly
How Much Damage Can a
Bearing Failure Do ?
"Click thumbnail for larger image"
Pressure Compensated Oil
Reservoir, shown with
normal cold oil level. Note:
level varies  as temperature
and operation conditions
change preventing hub
overpressure & seal blow-out
Contents of Seal Bypass
Lubricator kit.
C & O Engineering | San Jose | CA | 95154
How Does It Work?
Great for the environment, reduced leakage of lubricant.
Axle lubricating oil is pressure balanced with surrounding water when submerged.
Compensates for temperature changes without loss of lubricant.
Maintenance Free
Retro-Fits existing boat or wet service utility trailer axles to oil lubrication.
Free yourself from the ritual greasing ceremony every time you launch & retrieve your boat.
Avoid the frustration of ruined boating vacations due to wheel bearing failures.
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