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Self Priming Marine Utility Pump
FM-Industries Model #12VCDW     300 Gallons per Hour
Chrome Plated Bronze Pump Head, All metal 12 volt DC motor, Self priming to 7' (when pre-primed).
7-Amp 12 Volt DC motor 8" wire leads, Fittings are threaded internally for 3/8" pipe and externally for 3/4
garden hose thread, flexible Nitrile replaceable impeller. Spare Impellers and rebuild kits are available.*
* Not included with pump.         Product of FM-Industries, LCC, Brookfield, WI
Marine Refrigeration Condenser
3 - Ton Capacity R-12, R-22, R-134a & most R-12/502 replacements
Shell & Tube constructed of Cooper-nickel tubes, copper shell & sweat fittings for system connections.
Water side tubes are cleanable with removable brass cap and stainless hardware.
Sacrificial #2 pencil-zinc element protects water side. Rated for sea water.
Designed for series raw water flow from Main power or Auxiliary marine power plants up to 250 Hp.
Install upstream were sea temperatures are above 50 deg F,
Downstream of power plant if sea temperatures are typically below 50 deg F.
Volvo Stern Drive Parts
Volvo Penta Parts
Overall Length = 15.5" , Shell Diameter = 3.25", Maximum Hight = 5.75"
Ref-Condenser inlet size = 5/8" OD copper stub, Ref-outlet = 1/2" OD copper stub.
Water side = 1" ID hose In/Out
DL-3 Marine Condenser
How Much Damage Can a
Bearing Failure Do ?
Typical Unit Price:          Email for Price
* This Price Varies with Copper Market
Shipping & Handling: "USA"               Email
Mother of alll Maritime Links
* Engine driven refrigeration systems.
* Fish storage refrigeration.
* Chilled sea water systems.
* Air conditioning.
* Sized to operate with automotive type compressors.
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C & O Engineering  | San Jose | CA | 95154
This pump is excellent for deck or fish box wash-down use. It's positive displacement so please don't
use a shut-off nozzle. For pump out duty a pickup screen should be used and checked frequently for
blockage. Recommended Fuse size is 10 amps.
Not for use with gasoline, fuel oil or flammable liquids.
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E-Mail Del for Availability