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Compy Lube Kit
The “Compy” Seal By-Pass Lubricating System eliminates bearing damage from water intrusion. This
system compensates static lube oil pressure in a trailer axle by using a “divers bell”.  It is the only
trailer lube system that compensates for the effects of “ Hot wheel and cold water”—hence eliminating
the vacuum that draws harmful water into your trailer axle’s bearing.  When this happens the bearings
fall apart, the wheel comes off and becomes a rolling projectile--- A SAFETY HAZARD to all on the
road!  Pressurizing the hub with more grease simply blows out the seals causing water to enter the
bearings resulting in bearing failure.  Venting and pressurizing the hub solves the problem.  The
automotive industry uses venting on all their differentials.  Our system duplicates venting on the trailer
hub via a seal by-pass line. This keeps the hub slightly positive and compensated with the added
water pressure when launching and retrieving. Added together, these two pressures create positive oil
pressure in the spindle at ALL times.  Water penetration is NOT possible!  Sound simple?  Well it
really is.
SBL - 100   "Compy Lube Oil Kit"

Contains the major components needed to
retro-fit existing trailer axle spindle / hubs to
the maintenance free pressure
compensated lube oil system. Unlike
existing grease or oil systems offered by
others, our system keeps the water out by
compensating for submerged water
pressure and the negative pressure caused
by cold water submersion.

Wheel bearing & mechanic's, servicing tools
& experience required to install.

Some miscellaneous materials must be
provided by installer.
SBL-100 Kit Back View
SBL-100 Kit Front View
List Price:                              $99.50  one kit
One Kit Special $19.95
Web Special Price:           $19.95  one kit

Web Special Price:         $28.95  two kits  **
** two kit special includes printed color
illustrated instructions,    $10.00 value.
Two Kit Special $28.95
Shipping & Handling:  
* One kit                                  $8.00        US Domestic
* Two kits                                $9.50        Rate
                                                     e-mail for other
SBL-100 Kit Contents
How Much Damage Can a
Bearing Failure Do ?
* Sales Tax Applied for CA Residents
Printed 7-page color instructions
Mother of alll Maritime Links
Commercial customers please

for wholesale and OEM pricing.
Illustrated color step by step images
C & O Engineering  | San Jose | CA | 95154
     Detailed Color Instructions:
  • 7-pages w/ step by step detailed

  • Recommend for first time installers or
    do-it yourself installations.

  • Greater detail than standard
    instructions shipped with SBL-100 kit.

  • Free Shipping.
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Detailed Instructions (pdf)
Detailed Instructions (word doc)