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Rebuilt Units:
  • We Have Good Selection for Outright Sale. No Core Needed.
Rebuilt / Exchange Units Available:
  • Save $$ by Sending Us Your Rebuildable Core: Credit $ 130, ($150 for 290a
    and newer models) * must have usable gears.
Most Existing Unit Are ReBuildable: Best Cost Value !
  • Typically $ 600 to $ 900. + Shipping (contact us for details)
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Our upper gear units are completely disassembled, fully inspected,
cone clutch mechanism de-glazed, worn bearings replaced, new seals
installed. <> Custom machined billet steel split ring retainers are
installed (common failure point). <> Pinion bearing preloaded properly
set. <> Critical axial output shaft clearance set. <> Gear set backlash
checked and shimmed to spec. Gearbox side u-joint and CV yoke
included. Engine side drive yoke and u-joint not included.
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AQ Series Upper Gear Units 270 - 290a
Must See !
B & C Auto Center
DP and SP Series Upper Gear Units 280 - 290a
E-Mail Del for Pricing and Availability
       Pricing and Availability
Please use the link on the right to   
e-mail us. Include model / ID
information found on the upper unit
tag. Photos are also very helpful.
Please include a phone number
available 8 am - 7 pm PST M-Sat
Small Bearing / Large Bearing
Two Hole Steering Mount 270
Looking For a Complete Outdrive? or Other Volvo Penta Outdrive Part?
  • Although we Focus on Just Upper Gear Boxes. Check our Specials Page, We do Have Compete Units from
    Time to Time. Along with Other Miscellaneous Parts.
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********** Some Common Failures **********
Stock Split Ring Retainer Failure
Main shaft drives through top
Twisted input yoke
Due to delayed shift at high RPM
Glazed Shifting Cone Clutch
Common with high usage